This is my big post header and I hope you like it!

So if I were to write a paragraph about something… this is where I would do it. I am not sure what I’d write about though. Buckley? It’d probably be about Buckley. He is my son and he is currently a little nugget. But he gets bigger every day! There is a lot to say about him but I don’t think I need to say it all right now. I’ll leave it at that. More to come!

This is an H2!

This is an H3!

This is an H4!

This is an H5!
This is an H6!

I’d probably have other paragraphs in my post too, of course. It is rare for a post to only be one paragraph long after all. How many paragraphs in total? Well that’s impossible to say. I primarily want enough so I can assess how this page is getting styled and to make sure I’ve accounted for everything. I think I’m close. Maybe a little more would be good. Ok, a cherry on top even. That’s all. Fin. The end.

Well, not quite. I want another paragraph next to another paragraph so I can see how that looks. So I’m doing it. OK. There, it is done. Stop freaking out. Calm down everyone.

Of course, I’d also have lists! I love lists. Here are some thoughts on my favorite media sources.

  1. The New Yorker – I love it
  2. 99% Invisibile – so consistently interesting it blows my mind
    • I need to have an indented one here for testing too. I should make it long to see how it wraps and make sure that’s good!
  3. – aka the best blog on the internet
  4. Austin Kleon – he hangs out in a lot of places and I follow him on all of them. Instagram, twitter, his blog, his newletter, you get it…

Not everything I do needs to be ranked or prioritized though! Sometimes, I just have thoughts!

I, of course, need to try some code block stuff out too! I really have no idea how that will work but should be fun.

  def foo
    puts "foo"

Lastly, I should have some footnotes1 and blockquotes!

If this isn’t nice, what is?
– Kurt Vonnegut

  1. I still don’t fully understand how these get generated and styled!