JAN 20, 2020

2019 Reflections

When I was reading Austin Kleon’s “100 things that made my year (2019)”, I thought it’d be fun to try and do something similar. I haven’t kept a particularly crisp log of 2019 so we will see what I can cobble together from memory.

Note: I’m not going to try and get 100 exactly. And I’m calling it reflections so I can include anything I want but I suspect it will end up all being positive stuff. We’ll see!

Buckley and #DadLife

Running / health / exercise / etc.

Travel and fun and all that

Home improvement type ish

User Interviews grows up

Misc. stuff

Phew, that was a lot. Probably missed stuff but I think I hit a lot of it.

  1. I can’t in good faith include the Theranos stuff in here too. It was also fascinating but it involved real health outcomes for real people and doesn’t seem amusing as a result.