AUG 15, 2019

Slowly... then all at once

Today – August 15th – is our 4th wedding anniversary. Which is great but it feels very overshadowed as we await the arrival of our first child.

Because today my wife also happens to be 39 weeks and 4 days pregnant.

We hit the 39th week on Sunday and it felt like an important milestone. After all, most babies are born between weeks 39 and 41.1

It has been a weird milestone, though… because nothing really changed?

It feels like something should have changed. But it hasn’t. We’re still in the same spot – the baby could arrive tonight or it could arrive over a week from now. Either of those outcomes would be totally normal and we have no idea which one it will be.

Beyond testing my patience2, it is also a big distraction for us. You can’t help think about it constantly while still trying to kind of go about your life as usual. It is a strange experience and a strange waiting game. Hence the title of this post. Time feels excuratingly slow waiting for her to go into labor. But once it happens, everything happens.

Either way, we’re beyond thrilled to meet this little dude. Maybe he’ll be our anniversary present this year? 🤞

  1. I think it is like >80% but I’ll let you find the exact statistic if you must know. 

  2. I’m someone who likes to open gifts immediately and this is the biggest gift of all.