NOV 21, 2018

Beaujolais Nouveau

I don’t know a ton about wine, which means I get the pleasure of learning something new rather often.

Within the span of a few weeks, I happened to hear a couple of people talking about “beaujolais.” I had never heard this word before. Turns out it is a region in France that produces wines. Makes sense.

Last night, my local wine shop was pouring a few Beaujolais Nouveau wines. And now I know this specific style of young wine is released each year on the third Thursday of November along with a corresponding celebration in the region. This is a good overview.

Anyways, it’s not my favorite wine ever but I like the annual tradition that accompanies it. Supposedly, the harvest this year was an unusually good one so I’m going to do my best to hunt down a few more bottles from different producers while I can. ‘Tis the season. 🍷