NOV 22, 2018

It’s probably my favorite Wu-Tang album *and* my favorite Beatles album.

— Mαtt Thomαs (@mattthomas) November 19, 2018

Here are some fun facts about me:

Wu-Tang vs The Beatles: Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers

I mention these things because when I was commuting by car and only had access to a CD player, I burned CDs for my commute. Even in 2009, burning CDs was a pain and I never wanted to do it.

So I listened to this mash-up of The Beatles and The Wu-Tang Clan a lot. Like a real lot. All because I had somehow managed to burn it into a CD.

It’s amazing. I never really loved either group. But I liked them both and I appreciate of the cultural and musical importance of each.

But I like this mash-up more than anything for either individual group. Blasphemous? Yea, probably.

Whatever. Who cares. I’m thankful for this mash-up.