DEC 28, 2018

Why He Kayaked Across the Atlantic at 70 (for the Third Time)

This guy is wild. It is a long profile but worth the time. Almost too many good parts to quote. You’re not going to believe it but… this guy is a character. I’m going with this one.

“The more you don’t believe in Polish people, the more determined we are. To prove themselves, Polish people will endure everything. If you aren’t willing to suffer, you can do nothing. You can sit and die. This is the only one thing you can do.”

Doba has a deep, almost performance-art-like sense of this. You can be made small by life or rage against it. “Nie chce byc malym szarym czlowiekiem,” he told me. “I do not want to be a little gray man.” This is a common expression in Poland — and a good motto for us all.

While it is nowhere even remotely near the suffering this guy has endured, this is how I often think during races. Running hurts. But when I’m running well, I lean into the pain and suffering.